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Mae Lam & Adib Ballout

The farm is run by a Singaporean woman and Lebanese man who met in Oman sometime in the early 90's. Their story is one of a lifetime of adventures, and a magical mix of culture. Their shared-love for the Levantine terrain is what sparked them to embark on a journey of uncovering how the ancient people of the Levante used to press olives. Their story is one that encourages us to find the beauty in every culture, and embrace it as our own. 

Levantine Farming Techniques

At Beît Ballout, we have vowed to stay true to the ancient methods of pressing olives which involves using a large granite wheel. This method has been used in the valleys of the Levante for over 100 years. By continuing to use this method, we hope to keep the story of Levantine ancient traditions thriving for time to come.

Ancient Olive Trees & Ancient People

At Beît Ballout, we grow and harvest Nabli, Baladi and Soury olives. These olives are exclusive to this part of the region, and have a notably distinct taste from the olives commonly found in the West. 

These olives have a sweet, rich and full bodied taste. The Nabli, Baladi, and Soury olives and have been growing in the Levante since biblical times. These olives represent a people who's stories are often forgotten.  That is why we take pride in growing and harvesting these specific olive trees, as it keeps the stories of these ancient people alive and thriving. 


Every October,  make sure to employ refugees from the Syrian and Palestinian camps which are prevalent in the South of Lebanon, and we make sure they are taken care of.  For only through re-telling their stories might we ensure that ancient practices, and people live forever.

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