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Our Process

We don't use any Chemicals

We don't use any urea in our soil. Our soil is fertilised by our sheep that eat up all the fallen olives, leaves and branches. This means the entire life cycle of our olive trees sustains themselves.


Our Olives are Pressed within 4-6 Hours 

We make sure to press our olives within 4-6 hours of them being picked, that way they are at their freshest. Commercial olives typically don't get pressed for near 16 hours which means the olives will have already entered their fermentation phase. The fermentation of the olives will affect the taste and the quality of the olive oil.

Cold Pressed

We use the cold press method of producing oil which ensures that all the olive's nutritional benefits remain intact. This cold press method involves using a granite wheel that crushes the olives. A technique which has been used for centuries.  

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